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tSX MemorialModified: 04/09/2009
(Dead, Abandonware) Unfortunately, these are no longer available on the Net (that I am aware of). If they resurface somewhere, let me know.
Don't Know 3Distributor - distributes copies of elements in arrays
3.1 3D Energy 1.0 - Electrical Effect Objects
4.X 3-D Juice 1.2 - post-processing electricity effect generator
3.X Align eXtension - Aligns Objects
3.X A Little Primitive - trueSpace Primitives Panel
tS5 Compatible
4.3 AnimaCinima - Edit camera switches
4.X aniMeta
Don't Know AnimSave 1.0 - Saves each frame of an object's animation to individual .3ds binary files
Don't Know AniNoise+ - Adds animated vertex noise to the current mesh
3.X AnimDote 1.0
Don't Know Animo 1.00.2 - independently manipulate animation channel
3.1 Array it! - Multiple Copies of Objects
Don't Know ArrayWizard - Linear, Area, Volume, Radial, and Cascading arrays
tS5 Compatible
4.3 Art Director 4.0 - Materials Organizer
3.X AutoSave 1.3 - Auto save trueSpace scenes
4.3 Bam! - splits objects booleanly in random angles
3.1 Bitmap Primitives - Displacement modelling
4.1 Blend-O-Matic - Blend seperate meshes
3.2 BonyM Beta 003 - Internal Skeleton for models
4.X Browser 2.1 - browses lights and cameras
Don't Know BVHSkel 1.00.2 - parses BVH bone information & creates the skeleton
Don't Know camSwitch - Build camera list and switch between them
Don't Know Chirasu - ???? (Japanese)
4.X Cloth - fabric simulation
3.1 Choreographer 1.1 - function curve editor
Don't Know CleanIt - delete objects with regular expressions (recompled for 5)
4.X ClothMotion 1.21f - fabric simulation
5.X ClothMotion 1.21g - fabric simulation
4.3 ConstantPath - converts a path so that all the frames are equally spaced apart
tS5 Compatible
Don't Know CoolViewer 3.301 - view AVIs in trueSpace
Don't Know Cut & Paste - Capture Utility for Coordinate and Scale Data
tS5 Compatible
4.1 DeleteFace 1.01 - area selection of multiple polygons (function integrated into 4.2)
4.3 Distance Calculator 1.0 - calculates the distance between 2 objects
4.1 DynaWave - surface simulations of wakes, waves, trails
tS5 Compatible
3.X ExtraView Beta 1.1 - Rear, Right and Bottom views
3.1 Extruder tSX 1.1 - 2D Bitmap to 3D Surfaced Objects
3.X ExtraPrimitives 1.2 - Primitives generator
tS5 Compatible
3.X ExtraView Pro 1.1 - Rear, Right, Bottom, & Quick Camera views
3.1 EyeZoom 0.5 - Zoom in and out via a Rectangular Area Selection (unstable in tS4)
4.X EyeZoom 0.7 - Zoom in and out via a Rectangular Area Selection (free with tS4)
5.1 fabulousExpando 1.0 - shrink and grow objects by a precise amount
4.0 FacePro 2.0 - Character animation using vertex animation & IK
4.0 FacePro 3.0 - Character animation using vertex animation & IK
3.X Firepower
4.X FlatBeveler - Left-clicking bevels selected face by 90°, right-click bevels selected face by 45° (perfect for that one click solution to add detail to a control mesh for subdivision surface)
3.X FlammaLux v1.0 - creates keyframes to simulate flicker of fire light
3.1 Flare Effects 1.0 - tSX of 2D Lens Flare
Don't Know FloorPlane - precise plane drawing with the inputs of side lengths
Don't Know FullTextures - (Czech) Same as above
Don't Know FullTextures - Preview bitmap files in directories
3.1 Gaffer's Assistant 1.1 - Adjust Settings for Grouped Lights all at Once
Don't Know Gear Gen - generates gears & cogs
Don't Know Geo-Sphere Generator
4.3 GluePath - allows you glue two paths together to create a single pathtS5 Compatible
4.3 GunFire - create animations in which objects/projectiles are fired from a source object/weapon
tS5 Compatible
3.x HairPlug 1.3 - Creates Poliginal Hair, Fur, or Grass
3.X HideShow 1.1 - F12 Key Hides Windows and Tools
3.x Hold & Fetch - Creates "Snapshot" of Current SCN File
Don't Know HUD - (Heads-up Display) transparent region on workspace shows current object's properties
4.3 IKEffector 1.02 - Addition of IK-effector to skeleton and IK
4.3 Infinity 2 - infinite planes and spheres for background rendering (free with tS5)
tS5 Compatible
Don't Know InfoClone tSX - added save and retrieving functionality (formerly "Repositioner")
4.X JointMasterr 1.02 - Easy joint operation
4.3 Keygrid 1.1 - gives control over Move, Rotate, & Scale using Keyboard
tS6 Compatible
Don't Know KillAni 1.0 - remove the entire animation from an object/objects/entire scene in a couple of clicks
4.X Larry 3.2 - objects & object groups can be associated with a logical layer
3.1 Layery 1.0 - Show/Hide objects by user defined 'layers'
LightMaster - Lighting controls
3.1 Livewire 1.2 - Joystick input for motion
Don't Know Locator 1.0 - copy the location of a object, scale, and rotation
tS6 Compatible
Don't Know Lock - Locks current object
4.X Lockit 2.1 - verification of object's original properties
4.3 Luuv 1.1.2 - import and export of Wavefront .OBJ files and their corresponding .MTL files directly from trueSpace tS6 Compatible
4.3 MatMaster 1.00.2 - material management
Don't Know Magnetic 1.0 - Snap Objects with Bounding Boxes
4.3 Marvelous Motions - library of 31 Puppeteer-tSX Multiple Keyframe files (MKF), created from true Motion Capture data
tS5 Compatible
3.1 MeshForge 2.1 - Mesh Deformer update(free with 3.2)
3.1 MeshSize 1.5 - Calculate Volume & Rescale Polyhedral Objects
5.X MetaObjects - can create all platonic solids; their simple Archimedean derivatives & Geodesic spheres (included on dePak)
4.3 MMT#1 (Mattam's Modeling Toolkit 1) - 5 modeling tools
3.0 Mondo Magic - Sphere Script (Gee-Wiz)
3.2 Mondo's Revenge- Requires GL (Gee-Wiz)
4.X mapExporter - exports to the Torque game engine
3.1 MLB Pathfinder 1.0 - Repair Bogus Filenames in .MLB Files
5.X Motion Studio - character animation solution (multiple nails, loops, vertex-weighting, bone blending)
Don't Know MS Agent Plugin - invokes a MS Agent from within trueSpace
4.X MultiMorph 1.22 - Multi target morphing
3.X MultiRotate Beta 1 - rotates multiple objects at once
3.X Nailer - select boned/IK object and position nail easyly & accurately
tS5 Compatible
Don't Know Named Face Groups 1.1 - save face definitions
Don't Know noTOUCH - doesn't allow you to select an object that is marked as uneditable
Don't Know NullObj - creation of Null objects (recompled for 5)
3.X Obj2Vx 1.2 - (ObjectToVertexPlacement)
4.X ObjectAnimationEditor - advanced animation properties
3.1 Object Array Generator 5 - Copies Objects
Don't Know Object Frame Extractor 1.0
3.1 Object Library - Thumbnails for Managing your Object Collections
4.X ObjectMan 1.0 - preview & import objects (more than 30 3D formats)
Don't Know Object Move Copy - (Czech) Same as above
Don't Know Object Move Copy - Copy and move objects to precise distances
Don't Know Object Price List - (Czech) Same as above
Don't Know Object Price List - Object oriented pricing calculations
Don't Know Object Snap - (Czech) Same as above
Don't Know Object Snap - Alignment, finer control than tS's Magnetic tool
3.X ObjectBrowse - Debug trueSpace Objects (for developers)
3.1 Objectgenerator - Create and rotate objects
3.X ObjectLoader 1.3 - object previewer and loader
Don't Know ObjectPreview - (Czech) Same as above
Don't Know ObjectPreview - Preview objects and copy them to Ts3\objects directory
Don't Know Orbiter/Spiral - aids in animating objects orbiting other objects
3.1 PanCamera 1.1 - easily creates SmoothMove panorama pictures
3.X Particle Z 2 - Particle Generator
3.1 Paste - It 1.2 - Capture Utility for Coordinate and Scale Data
4.3 PathArray - create arrays of objects using paths
tS5 Compatible
4.1 Pathological - enhances Path Library
4.3 piArcBall Tool 1.1 - renders a black outline around object silhouettes
5.0 piAxisTool - snap the axes with one click
Don't Know Pica Pica 1.5 - transports Magpie frames directly into SpaceTime Morph
Don't Know piOutlineTool 1.0 - renders a black outline around object silhouettes
4.X piPanelTool - Hide/show tS interface panels
Don't Know piPrimitivesTool 1.0 - high resolution primitives
5.0 piSceneTool - like TrueView (with light properties & animation deletion controls)
4.X Pipeworks - Strutting and 2D polygon sweeping
Don't Know Plugin Bar 1.0 - Add up to 10 tSX icons to a tool bar
4.1 Plugin Pack 1.0> - Auto Saver, Anim-Attach, Click 'n Fetch 2, Object Replacer, Real-Time, Primitives
Don't Know Pøehrávaè Záznamù - (Czech) AVI and Wave Player
3.1 PopUpMenu 0.9.2 - first right click mouse menu for trueSpace
4.3 PolyLofter 1.2 - Loft/Skin a series of shapes into a form
4.3 PolyMirror - realtime mirror modeling on meshes
5.X PolyMirror 1.01 - realtime mirror modeling on meshes
5.X PolyTools - 17 plugins for polygon editing
4.0 Posnail - Move Nail of IK Group
3.1 PowerAnim - Translation and rotation of objects
3.1 PowerAnim Pro - Translation and rotation of objects
3.1 Primal Particles 1.7.1 - Particle Generator (free with 3.2)
tS5 Compatible
3.1 Primal Particles FX 1.0 - Advanced Particle Generator
3.X Primitives 1.0 Beta 1 - primitives panel with direct access to controls
3.1 PrimmiesGOLD 2 - Primitives Generator (no longer supported)
4.3 Puppeteer 2.6 - direct access to all the joints of any IK group object, manipulate with scroll bars tS6.5 Compatible
Don't Know pView2Cam 1.1 - creates camera at current view
5.1 Ray-Catcher - simulated caustics & light-emitting objects
3.1 RealCamera - "Real World" Camera Properties
Don't Know RenderAlert 2.0 - alert by e-mail and/or dialog box and/or play sound file when render is complete
4.1 RenderMate - Batch Scene Rendering
Don't Know Repositioner 1.2.2 (renamed InfoClone tSX)
3.X Round-it 1.0 - Rounded Cubes
4.1 Round & Soft - Rounded Surface from A Flat Face
4.3 SaveBut - save button for those who find it hard to use CTRL-S
Don't Know Scene Price List - (Czech) Same as above
Don't Know Scene Price List - Calculations of overall prices of objects in scene
4.X SceneDump 1.2 - Traverses a scene hierarchy and records in a text file
Don't Know Shakadelic - Vibrating Camera Moves
4.3 Simply Simetry - mirrors object surfaces
5.0 Simply Simetry 3 - mirrors object surfaces (free with tS5)
3.2 Sine-It - Sinusoidal Vertex Motion- Flags And Jello
Don't Know SJ Auto Render Save - It is faster render to the screen then render to a file, save rendered images to disk
Don't Know SJ Cut'n'Paste - left click = copy, right click = paste
Don't Know SJ Slicer - Plug-in inserts vertices in polyhedron edges, which are intersecting the ground plane (z=0). Vertices are not connected.
4.3 Skinitive Itch 1.1 - skinning (or lofting) tool
4.X SkinModifier 1.03 - Advanced bone deformation
4.X SnapIt - Bottom, back, & right views
3.1 SpaceTime Morph - Object Morphing Keyframer
3.2 Spotty - Create Keyframes with Specific Spotlight Ratio
3.X Springs 'n Things - Creates Coiled Objects
4.1 Sprinkle 1.01 - Random Copies of Objects in Volume
4.1 sprinklePro v1.0 - Random Copies of Objects in Volume (many added features)
4.3 strutEdge - creates geometry on edges of polygon's profile, supports NURBS as profiles
5.2 strutEdge - creates geometry on edges of polygon's profile, supports NURBS as profiles
4.3 Syncer - Syncs truespace with music
4.3 TextPath - allows you to create text that follows a path
tS5 Compatible
3.X TextureBin1.0 - - Browse / Edit / Apply Textures
3.1 The Material Generator 1.0 - Randomize Procedural Textures (free with 3.2)
3.1 ThermoClay II - Spline-like Model Smoother
Not Compatible with tS5 (superseded by functions in tS5)
3.1 ThermoClay III - Spline-like Model Smoother (finer controls)
Not Compatible with tS5 (superseded by functions in tS5)
4.1 TSUNAGE-KUN - ("Connect Master") object joining/merging/welding tool
3.X tSX Agent - Invokes MS Agent from Within tS
3.1 tSX Extender 1.3.1 - Extends Plug-in Palette
Don't Know tSX Extender 2.1 - Extends Plug-in Palette
4.1 trueCharacter - import Quake character models
tS6 Compatible
3.X trueConez 1.0 - Creates Proper Cones
4.3 trueConstraints 1.51 - Original IK + constraints of various kinds
5.X trueGrass - realtime landscape creation
Don't Know trueMenu 1.5 - Add tS favorite buttons to a tool bar
4.3 trueNote - attach development notes to objects
3.1 trueObject 1.0 - "Real-time" Primitives Manipulator
3.X trueObject Plus - Enhanced "Real-time" Primitives Manipulator
3.X trueObject Plus 2 - Enhanced "Real-time" Primitives Manipulator
4.3 trueParticles - professional-level particle system (information INFO@SISYPHUS.COM)
4.X truePose - Imports Poser models & animation
Don't Know trueScale - Accurately scales objects in two clicks
tS5 Compatible
4.X trueScape 2 - realtime landscape creation
4.X trueShell - tS Interface Enhancement
Don't Know trueSuite (three plugins)
PreProduction Viewer - Preview sounds, videos and animations
trueMem - Monitor tS memory usage
Image Viewer - view JPEGs, Icons, GIFs and Bitmaps inside tS
3.2 trueSoft 1.0 - Precision Object Smoother
3.X trueTexture 1.2 - Precision Texture Mapping
3.1 trueView extension ver 1.5 - updated version of trueView, which came with tS3
Don't Know trueTiles - (Czech) Floor and wall tiles
5.X trueX - expanded X export functions
4.0 TrU-V 2 - precision textur map tool
5.X tSNet 2.5.1 - Render farming
3.0 tSxtruder 1.0 - Extrude Solid Heightfield objects from TGA File
3.1 Unwrapper 1.1 - Generates a Map with Outlines for every Polygon
3.X Unwrapped UV Editor - Generates a Map with Outlines for every Polygon
Don't Know Utility Pack 1.7 - Click 'n Fetch, trueSaver, Select-It
3.1 UVRip 1.05 - UV Map extractor
3.2 UvTweak 2.0 - Change the scale or position of a mesh's UV-Space
5.0 UvTweak 2.5 - Change the scale or position of a mesh's UV-Space, includes UV map extractor (free with tS5)
4.0 vcBlu - automatically converts 3D models into vcTek machines ready for animation
Don't Know VC Copy & Paste - cut and paste objects between scenes
5.1 vcCut 151 - slices trueSpace objects
Don't Know vcCopy - cut and paste objects between scenes
5.X vcTek Developer - build & fully animate wheeled & tracked vehicles as well as machinery like chain and belt drives, gearboxes
5.X vcTNT - physically correct simulations of real life explosions
3.2 vFog 1.2.01 - Fog Effects (3.1 & 3.2 only, 4.1 compatibility in work)
4.3 vFog 2.0 - Fog effects, great for creating ground level fog for landscape scenes
3.1 Video Previewer 3.0 - Preview AVIs (Products)
4.3 ViewTool - Cut/Paste/Load/save/Create Camera
tS5 Compatible
3.X Waves - Static Wave Shape Generator
3.1 Wheeler V1.0 - Adjusts rotation of wheels to distance traveled
3.x Wipe- Easy Object Repitition Deletor
3.X WSNH (Work Smarter Not Harder) - Primitives Panel
Don't Know WiredForSound - Sound activated object Control
5.X Zurashi-Kun - creates a shell from a solid object
3.X ysShell 1.1 - creates a shell from a solid object

* Note - I have chosen only to list released plug-ins (free, sale, demo, & beta)